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Signature Massage
Combination of Deep tissue, Swedish, Eselan, Shiatsu, Structural Integration, Orthopedic.

Combines lighter, medium and deeper pressure.
This very thorough massage is effective for muscle tightness, aches or pains, and is overall relaxing.
$80/hour    $120/90 minute     $145/two hour     $225/three hour


Dream Escape Relaxation Massage

Swedish, Eselan, Lomi Lomi, Oscillations, Reiki are some of the modalities combined in this

lighter and medium pressure massage.

$80/hour    $120/90 minute     $145/two hour     $225/three hour


Po Haku Wela Wela - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Hot Stones
Includes Hot Coconut Oil and Hot Towels

Please let your therapist know if you require unscented oil –

Otherwise Coconut scented oil will be used
$60/30 minute    $120/hour


Detox Massage
Lymphatic Drainage treatment w/ Jade Stone Roller
 A feather light massage that helps your body detox out pollutants and metabolic waste

This can improve your immune system, give you more energy, improve sleep, reduce edema and swelling, reduce pain other muscular massage has been unable to help.
$80/hour     $120/90 minute


Success Massage w/ Hypnotherapy
Choose between either the Signature or Dream Escape Relaxation Massage
with Hypnotherapy for your success added.

Helps your mind remove blocks to success and moving forward on your goals while your body is unblocked and relaxed by the massage.
$135/105 minute


lunch break express
A high impact, quick massage that will refresh you over your lunch-break.  Sectional work of back, legs or arms, client preference.
45 mins / $60

physical therapy massage for injuries
This is a physical therapy style massage for injuries of the rotator cuff, ankle, knee, lumbar region of the back, or upper back massage and neck, carpal tunnel massage.
60 mins / $80

sciatica Massage
A one hour massage focusing on the lumbar (lower-back) region, into the glutes to work on the piriformis muscle and loosen its constriction of the sciatic nerve which runs through it... legs from ankle to hamstrings are also massaged.
60 mins / $80 (addl. 30 minutes or more can be added to incorporate a full body massage)

carpal tunnel massage
Carpal Tunnel Massage is a massage of the palm and top of hand, using orthopedic massage and structural integration bodywork specific for the treatment of carpal tunnel pain. Hand reflexology is also incorporated into the massage for ultimate hand health. Massage of the forearms and trigger point therapy are included in the massage.
60 mins / $80

a little extra pampering
30 minute ad-ons

Detox Massage Facial
Lymphatic Drainage treatment w/ Jade Stone Roller
This is a feather light massage done with a natural stone roller made of Jade.

Tones the face for a more youthful appearance.
$45/30 minute face massage


Po Haku Wela Wela - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Hot Stones
Includes Hot Coconut Oil and Hot Towels
$60/30 minute

spinal  mobilization (tractions)
Along with the incredible health benefits of this massage, it is excellent for relaxing the entire back and sacral region. As we go thru our days, the vertebrae of our spines can become stiff, held tightly in place by the muscle/tendons attaching them. This massage relaxes these tendons/muscles,,, giving you more fluidity in movement, making you feel less stiff, give general relaxation massage to your back in some instances, as vertebrae being pulled out of alignment can naturally realign.  This ad-on include neck and leg traction and spinal mobilization compressions.
15 mins / $20 

Text for Appointment:  (310) 435-0137