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Swedish massage is very relaxing for clients
Photo of Swedish Petrisagge Technique


The Ultimate Relaxation Spa Massage

Swedish massage is good for relaxation, improvement of circulation, stress reduction and reduction of work on the cardiovascular system. Generally is light to medium pressure.
Includes long effeurage strokes and kneading of the fascia thru petrissagge.
Great for getting toxins out of the tissue and circulated back into the blood stream so the bodies detoxifying organs can remove them from the body.
Some massage styles similar to swedish is the Hawaiian Massage known as Lomi Lomi Massage for the table which is offered my MassageHealthWorks.com
Pohaku wela-wela Hot stone massage is also similar to swedish bodywork, is a very heavenly massage, and can be done with varying pressure. 

More info about Pohaku wela-wela massage can be found at:
Hot Stones Massage
Circulatory massage is also very similar to swedish.

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