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Incorporated into almost ALL MassageHealthWorks.com massages

Trigger point is a pin point localization of pain on your body. It is generally the point of your body that took the greatest injury when you get hurt by accident,
or by over exerting yourself working out, etc. By applying ischemic pressure to this point, blood flow and fresh oxygen flow are restored to the injured tissue.

Trigger point is one of my specialties as many therapists simply do not offer it, not all therapists can find the points.
I have clients who opt for trigger point therapy instead of or in conjunction with their acupuncture treatments.

I do not offer Trigger Point Therapy as a stand alone massage, it is incorporated into every massage I do. 
When I find a source of pain on a client, I apply it !

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TRIGGER POINT THERAPY INFORMATION - Schedule you massage w/ Trigger Point today! Text or Call:  DEB at  (310) 435-0137